Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier (ANFD)

Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier (ANFD) have found application in many areas such as Chemical Process industry, Dye Industry, Paint Industry and Pharmaceutical industry etc., ANFD is suitable for handling of large volume drying operations with less manhandling.

ANFD serves dual purposes such as both separation and drying in a safe manner where there is a involvement of solvent since the whole operation is carried out in a closed environment. Many operations involving use of Centrifue or Open/Pressure Nutsche filter and drier combination are moving into use of ANFD for safer operation as well to avoid manual intervention.

ANFD’s are suitable for large volume filtration and drying purposes. Due to continuous running of low speed agitation and scrapping of scale formed during agitation helps in quick drying.


ANFD’s are available in varied MOC’s such as SS, Hastalloy, Mild Steel, Rubber Lined etc.,

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