Capsule Area

Capsule is also one of the most common form of medicines availabe to patients in the Oral Solids category. There are two major types of capsules are used for pharmaceutical products encapsulation during capsule filling such as Hard Shelled Capsule and Soft Shelled Capsule. Gelatin, Starch and Cellulose are most commonly used raw materials in Capsule manufacturing.

Capsules are filled in a controlled area (Clean room) mostly with automatic machines to avoid much of human intervention. Equipments used in Capsule manufacturing blocks are Capsule filling machine, Capsule polishing machine, Capsule counting machine, Different types of Mixers, Blenders, Capsule inspection machine, Capsule printing machine, Packing machine etc.,


Capsule Counting Machine [5]
Capsule Counting Machine
Capsule Filling Machine [11]
Capsule Filling Machine
Capsule Inspection Machine [2]
Capsule Inspection Machine
Capsule Polishing [1]
Capsule Polishing
Capsule Printing Machine [1]
Capsule Printing Machine
Empty Capsule Loader [2]
Empty Capsule Loader
Softgel Capsule Inspection [1]
Softgel Capsule Inspection
Softgel Encapsulation [1]
Softgel Encapsulation
Strip packing Machine [1]
Strip packing Machine

Used Equipments

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