Tablet Area

Tablet is a form of Oral Solids category. Tablets are one of the most common form of formulated product available in the market for patients. Tablet Blocks suitably designed to avoid cross-contamination and placed in a clean room to avoid external environmental contamination. Tablet blocks designed to meet cGMP requirements both interms of infrastructure, layout and documentation management.

Tablet blocks are generally housed with equipments such as Vibro Sifter, Mass Mixer, Planetary Mixers, Rapid Mixer Granulator, Tray Drier, Fluid Bed Drier, Tablet Compression Machine, Punch & Die, Tablet Deduster, Tablet Inspection unit, Coating Pans, Dehumidification area, Blister Packing Machine, Alu-Alu Packing Machine etc.,

Plant Layout plays a key role in any kind of formulation facility to avoid cross contamination; hence production block layout need to be designed in such a way that uniflow is maintained with proper entry practises are to be followed.

Blister Packing [14]
Blister Packing
Conta Blender [7]
Conta Blender
Fitzmill [3]
Fluid Bed Granulator [2]
Fluid Bed Granulator
Hot Air Blower [0]
Hot Air Blower
Mass Mixer [18]
Mass Mixer is designed to perform smooth operations
Oscillating Granulator [14]
Oscillating Granulator
Planetary Mixer [25]
Planetary Mixer
Powder Filling Machine [11]
Powder Filling Machine
Punch and Die [8]
Punch and Die
Punch and die Storage Cabinet [1]
Punch and die Storage Cabinet
Rapid Mixer Granulator [24]
Rapid Mixer Granulator
Rotary Tablet Press [2]
Rotary Tablet Press
Rotary Tablet Punching Machine [0]
Rotary Tablet Punching Machine
Sigma Mixer [10]
Sigma Mixer
Single Punch Tablet Punching Machine [0]
Single Punch Tablet Punching Machine
Starch Paste Kettle [9]
Starch Paste Kettle
Tablet Coating Pan [28]
Tablet Coating Pan
Tablet Compression Machine [9]
Tablet Compression Machine
Tablet Count Machine [5]
Tablet Count Machine
Tablet Deduster [1]
Tablet Deduster
Tablet Inspection Belt [2]
Tablet Inspection Belt
Tablet Printing Machine [1]
Tablet Printing Machine
Tablet Punch [4]
Tablet Punch
Tableting Machine [1]
Tableting Machine
Turbo Sifter [5]
Turbo Sifter
V Blender [10]
V Blender
Vibro Sifter [33]
Vibro Sifter
Wet Mixing and Granulation [0]
Wet Mixing and Granulation
Y Blender [0]
Y Blender

Used Equipments

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Fluid Bed Drier (FBD)
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