Hangzhou Luckysage Sciene and Technology Co.,Ltd

CAS Number: 61718-82-9

Chemical Name: Fluvoxamine Maleate

Stock Available: 100kgs

Quality standards:Bp2009,USP32 Appearance:white powder Melting point:121-123 ºC Related Substances: impurity A:not more than 0.2% impurity B: not more than 0.5% impurity C:not more than 0.3% impurityD:not more than 0.15% impurityF (F+G) :not more than 0.2% unknow impurity:not more than 0.1% total impurity:not more than 1.0% Loss of dryin:not more than:0.5% Residue of ignition:not more than 0.1% Heavy metal:not more than 0.001% Assay:99.0 to 101.0% Packing:10kg/barrel,15kg/barrel,25kg/barrel.

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Location: Hangzhou
Country: China
Phone: 8657188199336
Mobile: 8618957129209
Website: www.luckysagepharm.com
Email: organicchemwang@hotmail.com

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