About us:

We at www.pharmainfosource.com provide sourcing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry as a whole by building best in class sourcing platform.

As a first step, the following sourcing solutions are offered while our team is working behind in achieving our long-term goal of covering the entire pharma value chain.

  • Drug Substance Sourcing:
    • API/Raw Materials Sourcing
    • Surplus Listing
    • Impurities Sourcing
  • CRO/CMO/CRAMS Finder:
    • Clinical Services Sourcing
    • Chemistry Services Sourcing
    • Analytical Services Sourcing
    • Formulation Services Sourcing
  • Pharma Services:
    • Dossier Services Sourcing
    • Other Key Services
    • Listing of Key Websites
  • Equipment Sourcing:
    • New Equipments
    • Used Equipments
  • Buying Lead / Selling Lead
    • Leave your request. Let the Buyer/Supplier to contact you.


We invite users to write to us if you have any Suggestion / Feedback for improvement - info@pharmainfosource.com

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