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Capsule Filling Machine
Product Specifications

Legend 2500:

The Pam Capsula Legend 2500 is the next generation in automatic capsule fillers, combining futuristic design and ultra-modern engineering to take capsule filling to the highest peaks of speed and efficiency.


The AF-200(T) features an easy to use touch screen and allows machine speed adjustment from the main panel. 
The AF-200(T) offers one of the fastest encapsulation speeds available, filling up to 200,000 capsules per hour for powder formulation & 170,000 capsules per hour for pellets. It also allows partial filling capability for any size of capsule from 000 to 5. Capsule size and product changeover is quick and easy.
The AF-90T is a fully automatic capsule-filling machine that can fill a large variety of powder formulations into hard gelatin capsules.
90,000 Capsules per hour for powders.
The AF-40T is a very compact fully automatic capsule-filling machine that can fill a large variety of powder formulations into hard gelatin capsules.
40,000 Capsules per hour for powders
The AF-25T is a compact and fully automatic capsule-filling machine that can fill a large variety of powder formulations into hard gelatin capsules. 25,000 Capsules per hour for powders.
Securefill 12T:

ACG Pam presents SECUREFILL 12T, an innovative HIGH containment capsule filling solution for highly active substances. SECUREFILL 12T is an automatic capsule filling machine, specially designed to prevent any surface and air borne contamination, coming out of the machine.

The design of the SECUREFILL 12T eliminates contact between the operator and formulation, further reducing the risk involved in the complex and unreliable protective methods used otherwise.

Upto 12,000 capsules per hour.
The model AF-40(D) is a fully automatic capsule-filling machine for filling powder formulations in the form of a slug into hard gelatin capsules of various sizes. It is the only automatic machine where the filling is based on dosator system.
40,000 Capsules per hour for powders.
The SA-9 is a user-friendly machine with advanced features. These features provide a high degree of automation which, coupled with sound manufacturing practice, result in higher levels.
Depending on size of capsules the output varies from 22,000 to 28,000 capsule per hour.
To bring down the fatigue level in operators, SA-10 with certain level of higher automation, is an update version of SA-9 with the same output level.
RL-80 is a versatile productivity enhancer. This robust modular equipment can be used with either SA-9 or SA-10 to remarkably enhance productivity. The modular design allows flexibility in positioning it with the main filling machine. The change parts for capsules of different sizes are well-engineered to enable 100% loading of the capsules in the ring.
The MF-30, stainless steel model manually operated hard gelatin capsule-filling machine is the most widely used machine of its kind in the pharmaceutical industry in India and abroad. Speedy and efficient operations are assured from the numerous improvements introduced over many years of its wide and varied application in the industry.
Automatic loader, AL-90, automates the filling of capsule loading trays for PAM`s 300-hole manually-operated filling machines, with improvements in loading time. Manual Capsule Filling machine output increased upto 9000 capsules per hour when operated in conjunction with Automatic Loader.



Product Description

Encapsulation is the filling of empty capsules with the desired drug. It is done using two principles viz. Tamping and Dosating. Our machines work on both these principles. In both the principles, the powder formulation is formed into a slug which is delivered to the body of the capsules. This process ensures encapsulating hard gelatin capsules with precise dose, gives better weight control and with improved yield. Automatic capsule-filling machines are designed to cater to a wide range of formulation with powder/granules, pellets/sustained release spherical pellets, tablets, filled capsules and combination of these.

Automatic capsule-filling machines are capable of encapsulating wide range of capsules from size 000 to size 5 hard gelatin capsules with a varied output range of 6000, 25000, 40000, 90000, and 200000 capsules per hour.

These machines are provided with productivity enhancing features, which can be handled by a single operator.

CG PAM is a member of the ACG Worldwide and is the flagship engineering company of the group. It is one of the largest Asian Pharmaceutical machinery company and probably the only one in the World which builds the entire range of capsule filling machines in-house. Through its nine companies, the ACG Worldwide is involved in a range of related activities such as manufacture of formulation processing empty capsule shells, packaging films and machines for blister packing and cartoning and formulation processing. The considerable synergy of ACG PAM with the other Group companies enables it to offer its customers a comprehensive package for manufacture of solid dosage forms.

ACG PAM, an ISO 9001 company, has a long experience in the field of capsule filling machines. The company also manufactures allied machinery and accessories required for making a complete production line for the encapsulation process including machines for elevating, polishing, sorting, loading and the product conveying system.

A highly evolved testing and laboratory facility has helped to solve filling problems with the most difficult formulations. This strong research base for product and process innovations enables ACG PAM to provide customised solutions.

ACG PAM`s after sales service network remains the backbone of its commitment to customer satisfaction. With a highly evolved tradition of Quality Assurance, ACG PAM brings to its customers quality machines with highly aesthetic designs.

ACG PAM operates in 63 countries around the globe and is a market leader in many countries. Most of the ACG PAM customers are repeat buyers. ACG PAM partners the success and growth of its customers by giving them the best value for money and ensuring highest standards of customer support.


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